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A New Flavor.




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Free Samples!

Unlike the delightful morsels one might find in the frozen food section of a neighborhood Costco, the free sample I’m talking about is of the “pages and binding” sort… a book. I got a book sample.

sample book photo

Now, this isn’t my book, but when I requested a sample in order to determine the kind and quality of the material my future printer in New Jersey would be using, this is what I got. It’s a win-win really, considering that not only am I satisfied by the quality of their product, but I now have the opportunity to read about an important moment in our nation’s educational history.

Just look at the guys on the cover. Judging by the looks on their faces, I’d say that whatever it was  they’re staring at behind the photographer is making them pretty happy. Happy like a politician who just passed the Mississippi Education Reform Act of 1982? Yes. Nailed it!

All and all, I think the printer’s choice of materials will be more than sufficient if Armed & Delicious finds funding in the coming months. Good job to you too, guys!


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