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Campaign Champagne / Making a Video – Pt. 1

Armed & Delicious….

Campaign Champagne:

For anyone setting out to launch a Kickstarter.com campaign, making a video presentation for the project is a considered a must. Now, browsing various campaigns, I’ve seen a fair share of video presentations; some good, some not so good and some that just about violated my inner child.

While a well-developed, and innovative product should be enough to inspire the generosity of strangers, I believe that a well-executed video is to one’s Kickstarter campaign, as a fine champagne (Not Cristal. Apparently dude is racist) is to a hip-hopping video – it makes it that much better.

On the website itself, the fine folks of Kickstarter.com make a number of helpful suggestions as to what might make your video more enjoyable and/or informative to the viewer. What they DO NOT suggest however, is riding your bicycle to a friends house the evening before, getting drunk on red wine and playing card games till midnight. (Thanks Elise)

That’s a little rule I made myself and only recommend if you enjoy speaking to a camera at 7am while your head feels like Dionysus just took a sock full of quarters to it.

A screen grab of how NOT to look or feel while making your video.

A screen grab of how NOT to look or feel while making your video.

Pre-gaming for a video shoot should consist mainly of non-alchoholic refreshments.


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