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Funzo Dunzo! We did it!

A&D FundedFor those who have been following my Kickstarter.com campaign, you may have heard that Armed & Delicious has surpassed it’s funding goal.

Well, it’s true! Armed & Delicious will soon become a physical book, available in Independent Bookstores as well as Online (in e-book format) and it’s all because of you.

The campaign has been a very unique experience. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve laugh-cried-laughed. But one thing I’ll certainly take away from this is that the generous and sincere nature of one’s friends, family and even perfect strangers can be absolutely staggering.

I will be posting updates to keep you apprised as to the status of Armed & Delicious.

In the meantime, I THANK YOU and can’t wait for you to read my little book.



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What Budget? / Making the Video Pt. 2

Making The Video Pt. 2:

If things go swimmingly in the coming weeks, a Kickstarter Campaign for my novel Armed & Delicious should set sail in the vast sea we call the “World Wide Web” (while typing that, I realized that I haven’t heard that term since AOL chat rooms were still a thing).

The video for the campaign has just gone through editing, a vital and intricate part of the process and one that I have little to no practical knowledge of. I do, however, know how to buy beer and pizza for folks who do.

Pizza and beer are the ultimate barter when finances are unavailable. Friends helping you move? Beer and Pizza. A buddy lets you borrow his tent to go camping and you somehow manage to rip it to shreds? Beer and Pizza… and possibly a new tent. If some good pals help your vision for a short video become a reality, give them that Beer and Pizza. Your friends don’t drink? Non-Alchoholic beer… sorry, I’m shaking with laughter right now. Nobody should do that to their friends. Just give them Pizza and Ginger Ale.

My personal rule is, even if those helping you produce your video are close personal friends, or they owe you one, etc. – keep them fed dammit! Pizza is the ultimate food. Pizza makes magic happen. Hell, half of the premise of Armed & Delicious is based solely on the stuff.

A sneak peek from the video shoot:

Pizza Feet

Pizza Feet

During the two day shoot, I must say we had a very interesting and often enjoyable time improvising with the numerous variables which having no budget and a crew of four provide.

Some of you may be familiar with the terms “Sound Mixer” and “Key Grip”, but how many of you have heard the term “Key Sound Grip Mixer”?

Making it work.

Making it work.

Could be an industry first.

Despite my odd photography, these fellows, as well as a few not pictured above are real pros who generously donated their time to a buddy for little more than pizza and beer.

On a different note, I came across this little gem at a house party in Portland:

In my mind, every day is Dre Day.

In my mind, every day is Dre Day.


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Scratching Some Back:

Scratching Some Back:

When asking for favors there’s a general rule of thumb: pay it back or forward – or side to side.

I’m not saying you need to pay your neighbor money for feeding your cat, dog or kangaroo every time you leave for business, vacation or tax evasion puposes, but one should make it a point to return the favor.

They’ve got a pet goldfish? Offer to babysit it some time. You’re allergic to goldfish? (no idea how that works) Offer to collect their mail while they’re out-of-town. Do not go through it. You have enough credit cards already.

Favors are what makes the world go round. The Godfather figured that out a long time ago in fictional 1930’s New York. It’s simple, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. It’s a win-win etc.¬†Throughout my years of needing something from someone, I discovered that when asking for a favor, one should make a conscious decision beforehand that they would (without hesitation) be willing to perform a favor of equal or lesser value in return. It’s the best way to do things.

I rarely ask favors of strangers but as I set out to publish my book, I’ll be asking for a lot of favors… approximately 4,500 of them. ¬†Fortunately for me, I have something to offer in return, which you’ll just have to wait patiently to see.

This is my favor asking face:

Favor Photo
Judging by the dispondency in my eyes and the presence of a female, I can only assume the favor in this case is sex. 

Until the Armed & Delicious Campaign is in full swing, there is no word to describe the gratitude (besides gratitude) which I am feeling for the lovely people who are doing me favors as we speak, to help get this Kickstarter going. I consider them all friends and know that without a doubt, I’ll be owing a few favors before this thing is through.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it and am definitely not allergic to goldfish.


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