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Armed & Delicious… in your hands, in your hearts… in your mouths?

Unless one subsists on a diet of tree pulp and non-toxic black ink, then my DEBUT novel “ARMED & DELICIOUS” might not make the ideal midnight snack… so, I’m not sure why I titled my post thusly.

I suppose the gist of what I’m trying to get at, on this lovely summer eve, is that my novel, ARMED & DELICIOUS is now available in paperback form! Where? Well at Powell’s City of Books, of course! You can find it in store or order directly!

Powells shelf

Powell’s, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of browsing through an  actual CITY BLOCK worth of books, is a literary treasure, located in my current city of Portland, Oregon.  It’s a damn near labyrinth of words and volumes and to have my novel receive its own bit of real estate amongst so many great titles is an honor.

Did I mention that Powell’s is independent through and through? Oh yeah. Punk Rock to the core, my friends, which suits me just fine.

While most authors would want to have their paperbacks on “The Website That Shall Not Be Named”, I believe that the independent spirit of “Armed & Delicious” goes further than just bucking the trends of what’s “hot” or “popular” in fiction and to put it simply: I love bookstores. I also love discovering new books in said bookstores and if that bookstore happens to be owned and operated by actual people, then all the better.

Granted, Armed & Delicious is also available in e-book form HERE , HERE and the Apple iBookstore, but in this day and age I guess that’s just par for the course.

In closing, I encourage you to support independence in all its forms and to at all costs, stay sexy.


Your Pal,






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Heard about the Kickstarter video? Peep it here!



Click the Pic to see the VIDEO, baby!

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What Budget? / Making the Video Pt. 2

Making The Video Pt. 2:

If things go swimmingly in the coming weeks, a Kickstarter Campaign for my novel Armed & Delicious should set sail in the vast sea we call the “World Wide Web” (while typing that, I realized that I haven’t heard that term since AOL chat rooms were still a thing).

The video for the campaign has just gone through editing, a vital and intricate part of the process and one that I have little to no practical knowledge of. I do, however, know how to buy beer and pizza for folks who do.

Pizza and beer are the ultimate barter when finances are unavailable. Friends helping you move? Beer and Pizza. A buddy lets you borrow his tent to go camping and you somehow manage to rip it to shreds? Beer and Pizza… and possibly a new tent. If some good pals help your vision for a short video become a reality, give them that Beer and Pizza. Your friends don’t drink? Non-Alchoholic beer… sorry, I’m shaking with laughter right now. Nobody should do that to their friends. Just give them Pizza and Ginger Ale.

My personal rule is, even if those helping you produce your video are close personal friends, or they owe you one, etc. – keep them fed dammit! Pizza is the ultimate food. Pizza makes magic happen. Hell, half of the premise of Armed & Delicious is based solely on the stuff.

A sneak peek from the video shoot:

Pizza Feet

Pizza Feet

During the two day shoot, I must say we had a very interesting and often enjoyable time improvising with the numerous variables which having no budget and a crew of four provide.

Some of you may be familiar with the terms “Sound Mixer” and “Key Grip”, but how many of you have heard the term “Key Sound Grip Mixer”?

Making it work.

Making it work.

Could be an industry first.

Despite my odd photography, these fellows, as well as a few not pictured above are real pros who generously donated their time to a buddy for little more than pizza and beer.

On a different note, I came across this little gem at a house party in Portland:

In my mind, every day is Dre Day.

In my mind, every day is Dre Day.


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